The Bridge

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June 27, 2012

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The Bridge is the fifth episode of the first season.


Thomas the tank engine like bridges, he whistle when he passes over them. there's an big old bridge in the harbour, it was very old, some workers put barriers on the tracks for the engines not pass, Thomas was taking a goods train to the harbour, but he was going by the old bridge way, a porter allow Thomas to pass over the bridge, but he warned Thomas not go go next time. soon, Thomas realized what the porter meant, The Bridge creaked, wobbled, shook, but didn't fall, Thomas was relieved. a few days later, Thomas was taking some packages to a customer, he decided to take an shortcut by the old bridge, soon one of the parts fall into the river, Thomas' driver call for help, a barge was going under the bridge and saw the trouble, the bargeman put his barge under the bridge, and the last piece of the bridge broke, Thomas falls into the barge and his freight cars fall into the sea. Thomas, his driver and his fireman were relieved. later, Sir Topham Hatt arrived, and he told Thomas what a naughty engine he was.



  • Mr. Zero's megaphone can be seen in one of the warehouses, even though he's fired from Sodor's railway.