James' Hotel

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June 22, 2012

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Good Business

James' Hotel is the third episode of the first season.


One day, James takes empty coaches to the station on the end of the line. Gordon was there, the big blue engine was going to play a trick on James, he tell James to bump the coaches, so the passengers' coffee would be more delicious, James belived in Gordon's false advice, so he bumps the coaches hard. the coaches and the passengers were angry, their cups of coffee were broken on the floor, but James didn't know. soon, he arrived at Maron's station. Sir Topham Hatt was there, he was not happy with James, later James discovered the reason. next day, James was in the sheds as a punishment. Gordon laughed at James' trouble, the next morning, Sir Topham Hatt arrived, and he gives a special job to James, he was chosen to take some visitors to Wellsworth Hotel, James was worried, he tell Sir Topham Hatt all about Gordon's advice. Sir Topham Hatt listen carefully, he told James to leave the sheds, and he said stern words to Gordon, meanwhile, James was chuffing proudly with the visitors' train, he was running smoothly, at Wellsworth, all the passengers thanked James for a smooth ride, and James was feeling happy to be an really useful engine, that afternoon, James apologized to the coaches for bumping them hard, and he promised to never belive in Gordon's jokes anymore.



  • The episode title is an reference of "Sidney's comics" story.