Good Business

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June 23, 2012

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Good Business is the fourth episode of the first season.


One day, Gordon and Henry were at the big station when Sir Topham Hatt sent Edward and Gordon to the harbour for collect some freight cars, when the two engines collected their loads, an man spoke in a megaphone, Edward's driver told about the man, he was the new harbour manager, he was rude to the engines, and few people know about that man, and the engines call him as "Mr. Zero" the harbour manager. one day, Henry brought some freight cars to the Zero dock, where Mr. Zero works, the talked rudely to Henry, he ordered Henry to take the freight cars out of his dock, Henry was insulted, but he only ignore Mr. Zero, a few days later, Sir Topham Hatt received many complains about the new harbour manager, so he investigate his office and find many plans against the railway engines, and many papers of criminal plans, Sir Topham Hatt show Edward, Gordon and Henry's crew about Mr. Zero's devious plans, they were shocked, Sir Topham Hatt fired Mr. Zero, and he sent him away for Sodor, a few days later, Sir Topham Hatt found a new manager who took Mr. Zero's place on the Zero dock.



  • Mr. Zero is the first character who didn't have been seen, also he's the first villain in the show.